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Flowers!  Whether fresh in a garden or in a vase in our homes, there is something  about them that uplifts our mood.  

Flower essences, also known as flower remedies, have the potential to be much more effective than a pretty arrangement in handling the stress we feel in our lives.

Bach Flowers:

What are they?    Over 130 years ago, Dr. Edward Bach, physician & surgeon, discovered that flowers in nature have the ability to positively affect our emotions.  The energies from different flowers can help reduce our emotional pains and suffering, which over time, harm our health & impair healing.  He made sure that when he died in 1936, that his original Bach flower system would be simple & easy for everyone to understand & use.  

Neither essential oils or whole herb remedies, Bach flower essences are a modality of natural health, and are often considered homeopathic.  Bach Flower Remedies work in harmony with herbs, homeopathy, & medications.  They are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly, & even plants.   Bach Flowers have no interactions or side effects. (1)

How are they made?   To create the "essences," flowers are steeped in spring water by exposure to the sun or boiling the water.  The flower itself is removed & the infusion remains.  Essentially, a 'tea' is made of the fresh flowers.  This solution is usually preserved with a little bit of brandy, grain alcohol, glycerin, or vinegar.  Thankfully, we don't have to go through the process as the remedies are available in ready-to-use tinctures.

What do they do?   Every flower has a different healing quality.  The best known, by far, are the 38 healing remedies developed by British physician & surgeon, Dr. Edward Bach, in the early 1900s.  Dr. Bach believed that healing should be gentle, effective, accessible, & simple to learn & practice.  His intention was to keep his remedies free of complexities.  He believed:  "There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook of peace of mind, & inner happiness."

One of the favorites:  Rescue Remedy - a combination of Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, & Impatiens.  Dr. Bach considered this his "first aid" remedy, to be taken internally (4 drops in water or directly in the mouth) at the first sign of distress.  It can also be applied topically to a pain or injury site.  Recommended by Dr. Phil & Dr. Oz, this is a good remedy to have on hand at all times.

Through conversation, we can help you make a customized blend of Bach Flowers that is tailored to your current emotional needs.  Please feel free to reach out & ask questions about this wonderful healing modality!

 "Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul & mind,

and the body is once more perfect in all its parts."

-Dr. Edward Bach